{Photo} Print Swap | Landscape Theme

My honey, Richard {of Richard Fusillo Photography} is hosting a photo print swap with a landscape theme!

I’m joining in on the fun and you should too!

Open to photographers beginner to professional in the US and Canada.

Landscape theme print of an 8×10 or 8×12. Must be your photograph taken by you!

Head on over to his blog for more info, dates, rules, etc. How fun to give one of your prints in exchange from a print from another photographer to display in your house?!

Share with friends, family, anyone you know who takes photos and would be interested!

#printswaplandscapes {Twitter and IG}

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Secret Squirrel Fall Swap

A great bloggie friend of mine invited me to join her Secret Squirrel Fall Swap with co-host Laura from Semperfi Mama – a swap about all things that you feel ‘Warms the Soul’. And whadda yah know.. I got paired up with her! Shannon from Sassy Lemonade! {You may have seen her name around here a time or two.. like when I was lucky enough to interview her!}

Shannon sent me some amazing goodies! {Warning, I took these photos at night, right after I opened the box, in horrible lighting because I was so excited to receive it! Sorry.}

I love every single thing she sent me! A gorgeous scarf that scream fall, a yummy candle that I lit immediately {it smells so delicious}, an adorable owl coffee mug that I have used every day since I received it that I am enjoying with the coffee she also included, a pretty necklace that I can’t wait to put on, a journal and pens that I am currently using for my Bible study lessons, and… red velvet cupcakes with icing! I have no pictures of those made because they were eaten before I got a chance to take a picture. So. Darn. Good.

Thank you, Shannon, for the lovely gifts! I hope you love yours just as much!

Happy Fall Swapping friends!

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D2T Mug Swap

Even though Heidi and I are hosting a mug swap together, I decided to jump on another one via, of course, Instagram. Who doesn’t want an awesome mug selected by a new best {IG} friend?

This swap was hosted by Instagrammer Cody {@designed2think}

I was paired up with Heidi {@hmreed}. Actually, I wasn’t ‘paired up’ with her per se, but more of she was assigned to send a mug to me and I was assigned to send a mug to someone else. Sort of like a mug chain, I suppose.

Coincidentally, Heidi was also assigned to send a mug to my honey, Richard, through my mug swap! How funny is that?

Anyway, I opened the package and…

Ahhhh, what the heck? How amazing is this? I am so in love with my mug! And I have been needing a steeper for my tea {well, wanting anyway} for a while now. Definitely cannot wait to get that coffee in my belly. Smells amazing! She is from Louisiana so she wanted to send me something popular from her parts in the coffee world.

Thank you Heidi! I am in love!

Check out what Heidi sent Richard! Definitely snagging some of his tea so I can try out my new steeper!

Once my ‘partner’ receives her mug, I’ll share what I sent to her.

Thank you Cody for hosting the swap!

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Share Your Style Swap

Thanks to the lovely world of Instagram, I was able to stumble across an awesome swap called ‘Share Your Style’.

Share Your Style

The premise is to make handmade hair pretties and swap with your partner. I was paired up with Andrea McCave at Shabby Kitteh! She’s an awesome wife and mom of three with incredible, sassy style. Which got me excited because I was sure to get nothing less than amazing.

And that I did! I love, love, love what she sent me. Totally my style and in my fave colors! Even the card was fab. I hope she likes what I sent her. {Forgot to take pics of those – ooops!}

Thank you Maria & Nichelle for putting on an awesome swap! I made a good bloggie friend and now have three great blogs to follow.


Happy Swapping!

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Recipe Swap

*Signups are now closed! Thank you to everyone who has signed up. You will be hearing from me shortly!*

How fun is this? My friend Cora {past guest blogger and creator of the most amazing reusable swiffer duster ever!} planted this seed in my brain and since then it has grown! I am introducing to you a Recipe Swap!

Recipe Swap

Who loves them so good ol’ fashioned kitchen cookin’? I do, I do! When I get the chance, I love going into the kitchen to cook up a meal for my family. And I am a full on recipe woman. Throw a bunch of ingredients in from of my face and tell me to cook it and I will cowl and hide. Hand me a recipe and you’ve got yourself a meal. You know, they say, ‘The way to a mans heart is through his stomach’. Well, the way to my heart is through my stomach too! Plus cooking and sitting down for a meal with the people you love brings you closer together. What a better way to bring us all together than having a recipe swap?

Here’s how it works:

You will be paired up with someone to swap recipes. Once swapped, cook up that delicious meal and blog about it! Then come back and link up with me!

Easy Peasy.

Here are the steps:

Step one: Email me at willow.little {at} gmail {dot} com telling me you want to join. Please include your name and address in the email. A followup questionnaire will be sent out shortly after. Signups close November 7th.

Step two: Spread the word. If you know someone who might be interested, forward them to me so I can sign them up. The more, the merrier! Tell your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your blog! If using twitter or IG, use hashtag #recipeswap

Step three: On November 10th I will email you your partners information. {Be sure to follow them! This is about making friends!}

Step four: On or before November 17th mail out your recipe. Please be sure to mail it out no later than November 17th.

Step five: Receive your recipe and get to cookin! You can take photos of the process or just the finished dish. Whatever works best for you!

Step six: EAT!

Step seven: Blog about the recipe. Include photos and be sure to put the recipe in your post! Remember; if you’re sharing on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtag #recipeswap!

Step eight: Come back and link up! I will be having a linky party November 30th. {This gives you plenty of time to cook, blog, and enjoy Thanksgiving before linking up!}

Here are a few rules and information:

If you are new to cooking or not that great, thats okay! Just be sure to let me know in the questionnaire.

Please folks, keep your partner in mind. The questionnaire I will send out will be very specific. If someone is a vegetarian, do not send them a roast duck recipe. We want them to try something different, but they need to be able to eat it too!

All recipes sent must be reasonable. Do not send a 40 ingredient recipe with a 1 hour prep, 2 hour cook time. Most of us are busy mamas and may not have that kind of time. We are not June Cleaver!

No; you yourself does not have to cook it. Hubby is the cook in the house? He is more than welcome to accomplish it. Just remember to snap a few photos and always KISS THE COOK!

And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

*Open to US and CANADA only*

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You’ve Been Mugged | A Mug Swap!

*Sign Ups are now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who signed up!*

Who doesn’t love sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea? And what a better season to enjoy all those yummy flavors? {Pumpkin Spice Latté anyone?}


You’ve Been Mugged! A mug swap to help prepare you for all those yummy flavors and make some lovely friends at the same time! Get warm and cozy in front of the fire and meet…

Heidi from Mustache Mama


ME, Ashley Marie.!

When Heidi asked if I’d co-host a mug swap with her I jumped all over that! I had sew much fun with the Sew Swap and have participated in a bunch of other swaps after that; I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Plus I’ve been {secretly} wanting one of those herringbone mugs from Target that I never got a chance to get my hands on… {hint hint}. I also need a new mug to pour all these awesome fall flavors in to.

What to do and dates to remember:

-Email one of your hosts that you want to sign up! {We will then send you a few questions to answer}

-Sign ups close October 24th

-You will receive your partner information on October 31st

-Shop for your partner and mail off their mug by November 12th

-Come back to either mine or Heidi’s blog to link up on December 5th

Don’t have a blog? Post your mugs on Instagram using #youvebeenmugged and tag us @mustache_mama and @littlewillowtree

Tons of fun, right?

Hurry and sign up now! We can’t wait to mug you!

*Open to US residents only*


Heidi: themustachemama {at} gmail {dot} com


Ashley Marie.: willow.little {at} gmail {dot} com

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Sew Swap Lovin’

Last week I opened my mail box and there was a lil’ envelope addressed to me!

I quickly opened it {cause I love getting mail!} and found a lovely little handmade card from Amy, one of the Sew Swap participants over at Sweet Happy Pie! I opened the card and out popped these darling hand sewn flag cupcake toppers!

Thank you Amy! I absolutely love these!


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September Sew Swap Linky Party

Oh, I am so excited for this post! I cannot wait to see all the link ups!

Sew Swap

Last month I hosted a Sew Swap and had such a blast with it. It was the first Swap I had ever hosted and participated in and once I started I just couldn’t stop. I signed up for two more swaps last month too! A Pen Pal Swap and a Toddler Busy Bag Swap. So much fun! We had 50 people participate and among those 50 were two kiddos and one guy! Awesome! Such a great turn out.

I was assigned to sew for Mary Kate of The Bubby Files. I sent her a cute little felt owl plushie made from serger scraps, a little letter needle book, and four fabric scraps. The needle book was hard to giveaway because I used some of my favorite fabrics!

I sure hope Mary Kate enjoyed her items!

The person sewing for me sent me some amazing items! The purse is fantastic and I love me some chevron fabric. Not to mention having in possession teal bias tape. So awesome!

Amazing, right?

I had sew much fun organizing this, sewing my items, and seeing all the #sewswap items up on Instagram so far.

All through out the month I kept checking up on Instagram under #sewswap and kept getting excited at all the posts!

Here are some photos shared with me from ladies who don’t have a blog, but still wanted to show what they received..

Mary sent over some photos of a tote and two bookmarks that she sewed for Jennet as well as what she received from Crystal

Jennifer B sent over what she received from Elizabeth

And Holly sent over a photo of a lovely floral credit card holder from Mariah at BraggAboutCreations

Thanks for the photos ladies!

If you participated in the Sew Swap and have blogged about the fun, link up! I can’t wait to see what everyone sent and received!

Toddler Busy Bag Swap

Last month I participated in a Toddler Busy Bag Swap with 13 other local ladies. Each of us ladies chose a busy bag activity from a list {with links} provided and made 14 bags of the activity we chose. Then we all swapped bags! So I got to bring home 14 {including the one I made} toddler activity bags.

Though Oliver is a tad too tiny for all of these, but they have kept Bry entertained.

{Rotating clockwise}

-play doh with cookie cutters

-color & number wheel

-pipe cleaners and beads

-measuring game

-color sorting

-button snake

-i spy jar

-color matching game

-picture puzzle

-double trouble shape match

-lacing cards

-bean play

-word play

-felt activity mat

I had a lot of fun making my activity and it is awesome to come home with so many to entertain the kids with! I am definitely going to make a cute travel bag for all of these that can hang on the back of the seat in the truck for road trips!

Thanks Pacha for organizing this. Keep me in mind if you do another one of these! I just might have to host a version of this myself!

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Pen Pal Swap

Earlier in the month I had participated in a Pen Pal Swap hosted by Aimee, Kristin, and Nicole. A good ol’ sit down and handwrite a letter to your pen pal and include a few fun things as well. I was paired up with Alys from Beautiful Imperfections.

When I was in the 5th grade I had a pen pal from Denmark through our school. Her name was Sara and she was the same age as me; we even looked the same! I remember us exchanging handwritten letters, photos of our family and town we lived in. I even remember us taking a picture of our rooms and arranging them the same way! After 5th grade we stayed in touch for a few years and then high school just kind of got in the way of things and we stopped writing. Then technology came and we got a computer and no one hand wrote a note anymore unless it was a ‘note from home’ excusing me out of school for some ‘appointment’.

I love the convenience on the internet, how fast you can get something typed up and sent out to someone, but nothing comes from the heart more than a hand written note or letter, which made me want to jump in on this swap right away.

My pen pal and I immediately got in contact with each other to find out our likes, colors, etc. and we had a lot in common! We are both nursing infants so no caffeine for us, we both hand {knit or crochet}, sew, love tea and coffee {decaf, of course} and lead very busy, yet fulfilled lives. I immediately went shopping for her and made a couple of handmade items and popped them in the mail –  two days late! Then I find out, so did she! We have both been on the same page from the get go, haha.

I couldn’t wait to get my snail mail and I was excited for her to get hers. I opened up the package and just laughed – we both had made coffee/tea cozies! And both sent coffee/tea related items. My pen pal is so cool. And I LOVE what she made me!

I got an email from her after she received her package and she was happy with what I sent her! Yay!

Today I am going to sit down and hand write out a letter answering all of her questions and comment on what she sent/wrote me so we can get to know each other a little better.

Thanks ladies for hosting this! I had a lot of fun and it was a great break from the Sew Swap I am hosting this month! And thank you Alys, for being my Pen Pal!