DIY Lip Balm

Many lip balms out there contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin and lips causing more damage. Isn’t the reason you use lip balm is to help with chapped lips? Why cause more damage by using a product claiming to do just that?

You could go out and buy an all natural lip balm and lip balm that doesn’t contain phenol, menthol, salicylic acid, vitamin e or alcohol. Or you could just make your own!

It’s really easy and only takes a few ingredients. Ingredients you may already have!


Coconut Oil

Petroleum Jelly


A pack of kool-aid {yes, Kool-aid!!} in any color {we used cherry}

Small container for the lip balm. I found mine at Forever21; they came in a beauty kit with some bottles in a cute bag. Even came with a funnel!

Shave one tablespoon of beeswax into a microwave safe bowl

Add 4 tablespoons coconut oil and 4 tablespoons of petroleum jelly

Heat in microwave for about 45 seconds or until melted

Mix in as little or as much of the kool-aid as youd like until dissolved. We used cherry, but as you can tell, it turned it a nice plum color. We got it for flavor purposes more-so than color preference.

Pour into the container and let set for a couple hours. Or put in the fridge for about an hour. Then use and enjoy!

The containers came with cute little spatulas too.

Loving the plum color too! When you apply the lip balm there is a slight hint of the color.

I added a cute little label to them

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DIY Baking Soda Shampoo and Conditioner

As you all may know, Im a bit of a hippie. I rarely shave my legs and arm pits {mostly cause Im lazy and I have about 2 minutes from when I set baby down till when he will start crying}, I use natural products on my face and body {I make most all of my lotion and facial scrubs}, we unpaper towel, cloth diaper, and recycle like mad men around here. Well it’s no exception when it comes to my hair. At the salon, I request natural products to be used and when I shower, I use chemical free ‘shampoo’ and conditioner.

Here I will show you a few simple steps to making your own ‘no-poo’ shampoo and conditioner with ingredients you already have in your house! {I love DIY posts like this!}

Baking Soda Shampoo


-measuring cup

-baking soda

-filtered water



-container for shampoo {I use travel size bottles I have lying around. You could use an empty shampoo bottle}


*The ratio of water to baking soda is one cup of water to one tablespoon of baking soda. I used one cup of water only for my three travel size bottles. Larger containers or bottles will require more so make sure your ratio is adjusted to your needs*

Pour one cup of cold filtered water into container or bottle

Add one table spoon of baking soda using funnel {so we don’t get too messy here folks!}

*I premix mine in measuring cup then pour in because I use travel sized bottles and its hard to measure out the water and baking soda ratio. If you do this, be sure to stir the mixture before pouring into each bottle*


Now store it in the shower and its ready to go!

To use:

Simply squirt in your hair and massage into scalp then rinse

TIP!! You can also make as a paste by using less water to get the consistency you want! Store in a container for use. Be sure to rinse it out thoroughly so your hair doesn’t feel grainy!

Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner


apple cider vinegar

filtered water

container or bottle


*The ratio of water to ACV is one cup of water to one tablespoon of ACV. I used one cup of water only for my two travel size bottles. Larger containers or bottles will require more so make sure your ratio is adjusted to your needs*

Pour one cup of water into container or bottle

Add one tablespoon of ACV

*I premix mine in measuring cup then pour in because I use travel sized bottles and its hard to measure out the water and baking soda ratio. If you do this, be sure to stir the mixture before pouring into each bottle*


Store in shower with your ‘no-poo’ for use!

To use:

Squirt mixture on ends of your hair. Be aware that if you use any amount on your scalp it can feel oily. You can put some in your hands and run your hands over your head to condition avoiding massaging it into your scalp.

Rinse thoroughly

Fun tip! I like to leave in the baking soda shampoo and squirt the ACV conditioner in my hair for a foamy feeling! 

I’ve only been doing this for about 6 months {since Oliver was born} and already I am seeing results. Your hair has to go through a process of adjustment so be patient with your hair. It may seem extra oily at first and you may need to wash your hair more often, but think of all the money you’re saving as well as keeping large amounts of chemicals off of your hair and scalp! One box of baking soda and a bottle of apple cider vinegar can last you the entire year with only spending a few dollars! Not to mention the amount of plastic bottles we are not throwing into landfills!

Enjoy your shiny new hair!

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Quick Tips for Haunted Halloween Decorating

Serenity Living Stores has an awesome infographic on how to make a few small changes in your home to transform it into a witchy night, a zombie apocalypse, or an elegant and spooky vampire lair.

Spooky Halloween Furniture

Halloween is just a few days away!

*Reminder!! My Halloween Giveaway is still going on! Be sure to click on ‘Giveaways’ on the top menu on the blog and head on over to enter for your chance to win a Halloween surprise goodie bag! Giveaway ends October 31st at 11:59 p.m. PST*

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Halloween Giveaway!

I think it’s been a while since I had a giveaway. So to celebrate Halloween I thought I would have another one!

What’s inside, you ask? Well, it’s a surprise! You will receive this bag containing a bunch of Halloween goodies. Don’t worry, there is fun in there for all and some sweet stuff!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your Halloween plans are. Heading out for a night or tricks and treats? Dressing up like Cher? Or staying in and passing out treats {or tricks!} to all the ghouls and ghosts of the night?

You have until October 24th at 11:59 PM to enter. One comment per person please. Open to US residents only. Please provide email in comment or your entry will not count. Be sure to share this giveaway with all of your friends! Winner will be announced the following day.

Have fun and Happy Halloween Month! Good luck!


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Ok, yay! I finally finished the bunting from yesterday! And I am blogging from my phone tonight because O is being a poo poo head {yes, I just whipped that term out!} and we are also packing for our four day vacation! Tomorrow we are leaving for Carlsbad and spending all of Saturday at LEGOLAND, woop! Be jealous. Haha. Richard has a wedding to shoot in Temecula on Sunday so Saturday night through Monday the kids and I are going to visit my mom in San Diego. So excited!
So anyway, back to the bunting.


I may add some orange after we get back.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

Time to myself. That’s what I am thankful for this week. With two kids {one always on the boob} and being a PTA mom, not to mention a photographer honey who has his own hours {so we are together a lot}, it’s kinda hard to have my own time to myself – uninterrupted.

{Most} mornings I am able to slip baby off into his morning nap while daddy still sleeps and big sister is already off to school so I go out to the living room, start a pot of coffee, sit in front of the fireplace and meditate. I sit in silence and stillness for about 30-45 minutes. If baby hasn’t woken up yet, which most of the time he hasn’t {Im so lucky}, I sew up a couple of projects or blog or brainstorm. All while sipping my coffee and eating my breakfast.

Then baby wakes up and its back to nursing, burping, rocking, playing, driving to Brys school for some PTA thing, picking things up, grocery shopping, getting big sister from school, homework with big sister, dinner, sewing… all while baby is attached to me {most of the time on the boob! this kids loves to eat!}. So I really am so thankful that I get my time in the morning. Just to myself. For me.

And I am so thankful that Richard likes to sleep in.

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I am currently…

watching… a few shows. I’m not big on TV, but there are a few shows I’m into right now. The Walking Dead is one of them. I have a love for zombies and this show is just bad ass. And completely realistic! I would imagine that if there was an outbreak it would be similar to this show. I hope I’d consider myself a badass if it did. I’m a mom.. I’d protect the hell out of them.

Also, Bry and I are watching Pretty Little Liars. D-rama I tell you, but I love myself a good mystery and this show is full of it. Plus, I have a total girl crush on Spencer.

And I’ve been doing these small marathons of… wait for it… Teen Mom. And that is that.

reading… Twilight series, still. Theres just nothing more I can say about that. I mean Edward, Bella… c’mon. Amazing! Plus, I secretly {ooops, not a secret anymore} wish I was a vampire in that book!

eating… I am about to have Richard bring me a chocolate donut.

inspired by… my bloggie friends. One of them just redid her blog and I have been thinking about it for some time now and her revamp just reinforced my decision to get mine redone as well. She referred me to someone that I think will be a great fit for me and the blog and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling. With my blog growing {in posts and followers}, Ive taken inspiration {as well as awesome advice} from these lovelies to get my dreams in to reality mode.

thinking… I am in over my head {just a bit{. With what? Oh, yah know.. PTA stuff. I am currently an officer on the Executive Board as the secretary. I also am on the planning committee for the Fall Festival. I also took on as co-coordinator for Films With Families and Bingo night. Oh and.. I am now the Room Parent Coordinator. Weeeee. This will be a fun year!

Harvesting Kale

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{My} Art of Practicing Meditation


That is definitely not a word I thought I would associate myself with 9 months ago. In fact, Im more of like an interactive Zen kinda girl. Put me in spandex, lay a mat under me, put on some babbling brook music and I’ll be doing downward dog all day with my friends. For me, yoga is energizing and relaxing all at the same time. But I have always wanted to practice meditating.

This past year I decided to have one New Years Resolution. Something completely for myself about myself. I was going to meditate every day of this year. So far, I have!

Now lets define meditation:

Meditation: the practice in which a person trains the mind.

There are a lot of different practices; from relaxation to psychic visions, to building internal energy, to astral journeys. I don’t know about any psychic visions or astral journeys, but I do know that I have gotten pretty good at relaxation and building internal energy.

In the morning, while baby and Richard are still asleep, I sneak out into the living room, right in front of our fireplace, on my blanket I sit and meditate.

At first it was so hard. I think I lasted about 2 minutes before I started running a list of to do’s in my head while I felt baby move around in my belly. But it was the only New Years Resolution I had ever made and I wanted to stick with it. So every chance I got I would meditate. I even meditated in the hospital when baby was born! But I was still having a hard time focusing for very long.

After reading more and more on meditation and guided meditation, I discovered meditation beads; or prayer beads in some cultures. Their purpose is to help keep count while reciting mantras. I don’t recite any crazy mantras, mostly I do ‘Ommmmm’, but when I do, I need help focusing on them. So I decided I needed to get me a Buddhist Meditation Necklace.

I browsed on Amazon and Etsy and there were a few that were a decent price and a lot that were pricey, but I wanted to make one myself and I wanted to do it the right way.

A prayer/meditation necklace, or mala, is typically made up of 16, 27, 54, or 108 beads. The necklace or bracelet are made out of a variety of materials for certain types of mantras you’re reciting. I still am studying the different type of mantras, but I wanted to use natural materials in making mine so I chose wood beads and hemp cord {either in three, five or nine strands} and I wanted to use 108 beads for more constant chants with out repeating too much. I bought the wood beads on Etsy and the hemp cord at the Hemp Shack in SLO. I looked up how to make one {literally, not spiritually} and put it together.

It has helped me so much! I am pretty much ADD when it comes to ‘clearing the mind’ so this gives me something to focus on with out really focusing at all. And I wear it around my wrist when Im not using it cause its also pretty cute!

Yesterday we went to Bambu Batu for group guided meditation.. Bry came with me! But she wanted a meditation bracelet. So we headed to Beverlys, picked up some wood beads and cord and I made one for her just in time for meditation. And she used it!

To read more about Buddhist Prayer Beads go HERE.

Sewing Vocab and Their Meanings *REPOST*

These sewing terms can be such a huge help to people just starting out sewing or someone who has done it for a while and doesn’t know all of the vocab – like me! I thought with National Sewing Month this month and the Sew Swap in full swing, I would repost this to maybe help out some sewers get some projects done. Hope you find this helpful! I know I sure did.

I’ve really only been sewing for about a year and a half {two years now} and in that time I have learned so much. Blogs have been helpful in perfecting techniques, working in a fabric store has helped learn more about the actual fabric I sew with, friends have guided me through making certain things and books I have picked up have helped with vocabulary.

When you get into the kind of craft I’m in seriously, knowing not only what you’re doing, but what you’re saying, is very important. Getting to know certain terms can help you thrive and will even make your product better constructed and ready to sell or give as a gift {or even feature in your own home!}. I’d like to share some terms with you that have helped me.

Appliqué: Sewing a piece of fabric on top of another piece of fabric for decorative reasons.

Backstitching: Sewing back and forth over the same stitches to lock the end or the beginning of a line of sewing.

Bias: Runs diagonally to the straight grain of fabric. Fabric cut on the bias has more stretch.

Basting: The sewing of a large, temporary stitch, by hand or machine.

Binding: Encasing the raw edges of a blanket or quilt with another piece of fabric.

Blanket Stitch: A hand or machine stitch that is used to neaten the edge of a blanket, buttonhole, or another seam line.

Darn: To repair a hole by using stitches going back and forth that fill the hole.

Dart: A v-shaped, tapered adjustment to a pattern to allow more fullness in the bust area or less fullness in the waist or back.

Embellish: To add special stitching, appliqués, or other decorations to your sewing project.

Facing: Fabric sewn on the raw edge of a garment piece, which is turned under and serves as a finish for the edge as well.

Fat Quarter: A quilting term on fabric. A fat quarter is 1/4 yard of fabric, about 18x22in., as opposed to a regular 1/4 yard, which is 9x45in.

Feed Dog: The ‘teeth’ under the plate on a sewing machine that moves the fabric along.

Finish {an edge}: To turn under 1/4in and stitch or serge the edge so it doesn’t fray or have too much bulk.

Fold Line: Pattern pieces are often placed on the fold of a piece of fabric.

Fuse: The use of a special material that melts to ‘glue’ two layers together. The fusing works by being melted by an iron.

Free Motion: Generally a quilting technique that involves lowering the feed dogs {or covering them} and sewing with total free movement of the fabric.

Gathering: A method of easing a seam to allow insertion of sleeves and other rounded pattern pieces.

Grain: The direction of the fabric that runs parallel to the selvedge.

Hem: An edge that is turned under to the inside of a sewn item, and sewn.

Interfacing: An unseen addition to various parts of a garment, which adds body that the fbric alone would not add.

Inseam: The seam on a trouser leg that runs from the crotch to the hem.

Notion: A term used for any item used for sewing, other than the fabric and the machine.

Notch: A notch is shown on a pattern with a dark diamond. They are commonly cut outward and should be matched on seams.

Overlock: An overcast stitch to prevent the fraying of fabric edges.

Placket: The v-shaped opening at the end of a sleeve that is finished with a bias strip before the cuff is attached.

Pressing: A different process than ironing. Instead of running the iron across the fabric, you gently lift the iron to press a new area as to not distort the fabric grain.

Right Side: The right side of the fabric is the side the design is on. Sometimes a fabric has no discernible right side, so then it is up to the sewer to decide which is the right side.

Rotary Cutter: A cutting tool used in quilting to cut fabric instead of scissors. Shaped like a pizza cutter, it is perfect for cutting long strips of fabric or many layers at once.

Running Stitch: A simple stitch often used for basting or as bias {marking} for another, more decorative stitch.

Satin Stitch: A zig zag stitch with a shortened length that forms a continuous, solid line.

Seam Allowance: The area between the stitching and raw, cut edge of the fabric. Your pattern should say which seam allowance you are to use, often 1/4in, 1/2in, or 5/8in.

Stash: A collection of fabrics, threads tools and more, which you need for sewing.

Stay Stitch: A line of stitching just inside {about 1/8in} the intended permanent stitch line on curved edges that stabilizes the curve.

Selvedge: The edges of the fabric that have the manufacturer’s information.

Stitch in the Ditch: A method of stitching close to a seam allowance or in the seam itself, often used in quilting.

Straight Stitch: The regular stitch that most sewing machines make.

Top Stitch: A decorative or functional stitch that is usually 1/4in from the edge of a seam.

Tension: Your sewing machine has two types of tension – the thread tension and the bobbin tension.

Tack: To sew a few stitches in one spot, by hand or machine, to secure two items.

Walking Foot: An attachment for your sewing machine that enables smoother sewing when quilting several layers of fabric together.

Warp: The threads that run the length of a woven fabric.

Weft: The threads that run at a right angle to the warp – also known as the cross grain.

Wrong Side: The side of the fabric that has no design or that you don’t want facing outwards.

Zig Zag Stitch: Is a stitch that goes one way {zig} and then the other {zag} and provides a nice finish to a seam to prevent fraying. It can also be used as a decorative stitch.

All of these were from a UK magazine ‘Sew Hip’.

If you have any other words and their definitions to share, please comment below or send me an email and I would love to feature some more! Thanks!


I am currently…

cooking… pizza! Well, not at this exact moment, but we have implemented homemade pizza night on Mondays in our home and have this Mondays already picked out. Each Friday we do meal planning {pizza night included} for the next week and have decided to do a sausage pizza. Bry chose the pizza theme for this next week, which surprises me because she always picks pineapple.

reading… Twilight; again. I just can’t get enough. Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn were my favorites! I could skip New Moon since it mostly has to do with Jacob and I am obviously Team Edward, duh. I really jumped on this whole Twilight bandwagon a couple years late, but when I picked up the first book I just couldn’t put it down! I finished the whole series in under two weeks, the last book only taking me 6 hours to read! Like, in a row! And since I have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out and I have ran out of Vampire Diaries episodes, I must reread the books to keep my vampire obsession fulfilled. Ok, Im not really that obsessed, but if you’ve never read the books, you have to. They’re amazing!

wishing… I had the time and money to open up a store front. I love having my Etsy shops and am incredibly fortunate that Etsy is available to me, but my passion is to open up a shop. It would be more than just a little handmade shop and it would be amazing… someday… I am also wishing that my boobs would just get smaller. Oh the joys of nursing.

considering… joining a mommy and me class or a song time class with Oliver. Parent involvement is a big thing and I want to be as involved as possible. It’s really important to me to have a lasting and close relationship with my children.. I want them to know they can depend on me. Plus, who doesn’t want to sing a bunch of silly songs that don’t make sense just to see their baby smile?

looking for… new ideas for my shops! Im planning on adding a few toys to Oliver’s Treasure Chest and some cute little girlie accessories, but I want these shops to grow and eventually blend together. I am also looking for a minivan. Our family outgrew my tiny ol’ Jetta and I don’t mind looking like a soccer mom! Oh and one last thing.. I’m looking for an amazing lavender cupcake recipe. Anyone want to share!?

Harvesting Kale