National Button Day


Today is National Button Day, so I got out my Busy with Buttons book, hit up Pinterest, and found come cool crafts and a sewn project to adorn with buttons.

Button Balloon Birthday card for Bry {her birthday is Tuesday!}

Button bracelet that Bry ended up confenscating


















A small little pin cushion for Bry to use in her new tent

The new addition to my sewing space! Which just so happens to be my favorite button craft today. I am definitely making more of these!

Did you celebrate National Button Day? Share your posts below!

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Fox Plush & Diaper Clutch | Etsy

Put two new items in Oliver’s Treasure Chest today!

A cute little fox plush for you little ones!

And a diaper clutch – available in all of the Riley Blakes Ombre Dots colors!

Check em’ out!


Repurposed: Strapless Dress

I went to drop off some fabric at my friend Krista’s house today. When I pulled up she was hauling a box to the owner of Beach Babies car and I noticed a striped dress draped over the top of it. I literally jacked it from her {hey; she was getting rid of what didnt sell at her yard sale this weekend so she didn’t want it anyway!}. I thought I’d fix up the seams since it was ripped down one side, but when I got home and I really looked at it, I felt there was another purpose for this dress.

So it went from this:

To this:

Say hello to my new coupon holder

I used the natural colored jersey liner of the dress for the lining of the bag and just love the color combination going on

And the buttons from the dress are just darling. Glad I have 5 more of these to use in other projects!

I still need to find a closure for the bag – I can’t settle on one – but this will be my new coupon holder. Really excited about it! I’m starting to get into couponing and it’d a bit overwhelming, but once I get into the swing of things it will get better. I’m glad I have a group of girls who are getting into it to where we can all share awesome deals with each other and support one another.

Anyway, this is my first repurpose project. It is really fun watching something transform into something completely different!

Custom Tablet Sleeve

Richard shot a wedding for a lovely couple last fall and the bride contacted me about making her a custom tablet sleeve for her new tablet.

She picked out some cute fabric for the exterior and chose a grass green for the interior – reminds me of the playground back in elementary school!

It’s my first ever sleeve of this sort and I found it easier to make than I had anticipated. And as usual, I did not follow a tutorial. I am horrible with directions so I made it up as I went along. I layered it with organic cotton batting for protection. I think it turned out quite lovely.

I hope she likes it!

Antiquing Finds

Friday Richard and I had a day off together and decided after running a few errands to stop at this Antique store in Paso that we love going to. I think each time we’ve been we have left with something.

Richard is a collector of straight razors and razor accessories so its always a given he will find one at any store we walk in to, but I’m such an eclectic, specific, picky collector that it’s very hard for me to walk away with anything for myself. Usually its some random Elvis memorabilia for Bry thats in my hand when we walk out the door. But…

This time, I scored!

I got a bag of vintage notions, and bag of vintage thread, a bag of cream buttons {it has sooooo many in there}, a bag of lavender buds {for Bry’s lavender saché bags she is making for Christmas}, a very old Singer buttonholer, a gorgeous pair of pinking shears by ‘Antelope’ {GORGEOUS!}, a hemming ruler, and a straight razor for Richard. All for under $65!!


Earlier on in the day my mom just so happened to drop off with me a bag of my grandmas vintage fabric – most of them gingham and in fabulous colors! I am definitely making some napkins out of the usable pieces. The others will be used to wrap small Christmas gifts in. Such a treasure having something my grandma has used.

Oh and today I picked up a quilting foot for my brother machine. Now I can get to quiltin’ on baby’s blanket!

For $5.00



The other night I sat down and made a few gifts for babies this year. And by few, I mean two. Only two of my friends had baby girls this year.

I like to make headbands, not just for babies, but for adults too. I made one for my girlyfriend Jenn at a craft night and she loved it! One of her friends saw the picture she posted of it and asked me if she could buy two from me! Here is Jenn’s famous photo with a s h l e y m a r i e .’s famous headband that started it all~

Gosh shes gorgeous.

My bestie Jaime gave me a sweet little neice, Ella, and she likes to sport my headbands all the time!

Here is a little peek at one of the ones I made the other night. One of my favorites if you ask me. There is just something about a deep purple and a marigold that makes me swoon!

I’d like to thank my little monster for modeling my headband for me.

{pssst – thats the amazing Ana Maria Horner Pastry Stripe Voile that little headband is resting on…. amazing fabric!}

And of course, my little gift cannot be sent with out being adorned with my ‘handmade by’ tag attached with a vintage lace notion.

After the holidays I’ll be able to make a whole stockpile of them and list them in my shop.