Custom Order | Chevron Wet Bag

I was contacted by a friend of mine to make her a hanging wet bag for her son’s nursery. She wanted a zippered bottom and elastic top in a grey and light yellow pallet to coordinate with the nursery. She chose an awesome tone on tone Chevron print with a light yellow zipper which makes this wet bags one of the cutest I’ve done so far.

I love the zippered bottom; makes it easier to just unzip all the dipes right into the wash. The elastic band keeps the dipes in place while not completely sealing the bag off so you’re not creating ammonia and bacterial growth. It is fully lined with PUL to prevent leakage, but still allow for air flow.

I get to hand this off to her tomorrow and I am so excited about it. I hope she likes it!

If you would like a custom wet bag, please contact me on Etsy!

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Sewn Projects Week 4

Fourth and final week of Sewn Projects for National Sewing Month!

1. a tissue holder that my bestie Jamie showed me how to make

2. a tote bag I sewed up for said bestie

3. a set of my fave nursing pad set thus far with cotton voile

4. a vintage lace key ring fob

5. another i spy seek and find game

6. another raccoon plushie

7. a tooth fairy pillow for Bry

What have you been sewing?

*Reminder! We are having a giveaway for the month of September to celebrate National Sewing Month! Anyone who comments in a post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ will be entered to win! Please see our Giveaway section at the top of the blog for more information on the giveaway. Comment away!*

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Mini Sewing Sesh

This past weekend was my brother’s wedding and I got to stay with the bestie Jaime! She’s new to sewing so I took this opportunity to show her how to construct a tote bag. We headed over to Hobby Lobby {holy moly I have never been there before, wow what the heck?! Why don’t we have one here?!}, got some lovely ikat and chevron home dec fabric, took it home and got to work.

I had decided that I would show her how to make the tote and that one would be hers. Then she would have to make the same bag for me!

She did a super good job! All the seams are straight and it hasn’t even fallen apart! Haha.

Love this stitch!

Im using it for all of Oliver’s Toys when we go out and about.

And in return, she showed me how to make something! Which I am in love with!

Are you new to sewing? Have you taken any classes or perhaps you’ve taught someone? I’d love to hear your experience!

*Reminder! We are having a giveaway for the month of September to celebrate National Sewing Month! Anyone who comments in a post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ will be entered to win! Please see our Giveaway section at the top of the blog for more information on the giveaway. Comment away!*

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Sewn Project #4 & Product

As some of you know, my honey is a professional photographer. He specializes in weddings and events, but can do a wide range of shoots. In fact, he shoots just about all of my photos for all of my Etsy shops. He is pretty talented!

The camera strap he was using was from my dads old camera from the 90’s that he gave to Richard. It was neat seeing the very camera that shot our trips to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon when I was a kid. So since the strap was from the 90’s and on a camera that weighs about twice as much as the one my dad gave him, it broke.

Tonight I sewed him a new one out of the very popular chevron.

I also got all of my product ready and packaged to be placed on the shelves in Eco Bambino. Im just waiting for my stickers and then Friday I’m dropping them off. So excited!


*Reminder! We are having a giveaway for the month of September to celebrate National Sewing Month! Anyone who comments in a post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ will be entered to win! Please see our Giveaway section at the top of the blog for more information on the giveaway. Comment away!*

I Recovered Two Cushions – And Hated It!

My daughter will be coming back home from spending the summer with her dad so I wanted to get her room ready for her and revamp it just a little.

We had these ugly brown couch cushions in our garage and decided they would be the perfect lounge cushions for Bry’s bedroom floor next to her sitting/reading area. I had this amazing velveteen fabric by Ana Maria Horner {2 beautiful yards of it!} and decided that would be the perfect fabric for the recover.

I wanted to recover them right so I looked up some tutorials and were, of course, confused so I just took the concept of my tag toy block and integrated that into the design, with an open flap on one end to slip the pillow into. It was pretty simple to put together, but there was just so much fabric for my tiny little workspace. I should have moved my machine over to the dinning room table.

I finished one and decided to slip it over the cushion to see how I did – it was too big! So I decided to just make an envelope slipcover for the second, smaller. Much better! I’m glad I did the first one, though; taught me a lesson in the fact that measuring your item is key! I’ll definitely remember that the next time I need something to fit more snug. Ugh! For tonight, the open flap end is kinda tucked under the cushion to make it look like it was well constructed. Tomorrow I’ll go in and tuck the corners and take the one end in a bit.

I also used the remaining scraps and covered foam pipe insulation to use as ladder cushions on Bry’s metal loft bed. She has complained about them hurting her feet for a year now and wow – I just got around to it. Her coming back home is the perfect excuse to get every little thing finished and checked off the list.

Ahhh! Isn’t that fabric amazing? I love Ana Maria Horner and the Lou Lou Thi line has been my favorite thus far. And this is in velveteen people! Velveteen! And I love how the colors change through out the fabric so even though the fabric is the same on both cushions, they look different because of the colors!

I can just picture her and her friends loungin’ in her room listening to Justin Bieber and gossiping on these right now. Oh, Im just too excited for her to be home!

Oliver’s Treasure Chest

I am happy to announce the opening of a new Etsy shop, inspired by my son Oliver.

Oliver’s Treasure Chest

When I became pregnant with him I dove right into sewing everything I could for his nursery, for him, for me even that I just became obsessed with everything baby. You’ve seen several posts on here with things I have made for him and myself like his crib skirt, paci clips, burp cloths, my nursing cover, nursing pads, diaper clutch, and more! I loved making them so much that I want to share it with everyone else.

My stock is currently sparse, but in the next couple of weeks I am going to be adding more and more items as they come along. I have several to list right now, however; I need to get them photographed for the shop. Those will be done by end of week. I have my baby headbands listed as well as one bow tie {that is just amazing!}.

I have 11 more designs to add!

I am very excited to reveal my shop {even though there aren’t very many items in it currently} and hope that this new adventure in handmade will take off. I have tons of ideas and a drawing board full of items that are just itching to be featured. Stay tuned for more items that your little ones will sure to enjoy – and some lovelies for the mammas too!

Lil’ Man Bowtie

Today was the birthday of a sweet little man who just turned one. I thought I would try out making a lil’ bowtie for him since it’s a new item I will be adding to my shop. I looked around for some tutorials and got inspiration from Living the Swell Life and Make It-Love It and then just kind of went off on my own {since I rarely follow tutorials}. Let me tell you, it was super easy and very quick to make! I just grabbed some scrap fabric and tah dah!

And I made him a handmade card! Totally hipster kid this lil’ guys gonna be.


Here are a few photo updates on that memory book for a customer of mine. I just need to go pick up the pages from print and then its ready to go!

Not bad for my very first memory book!

My only complaint is that it is very hard to match washi tape, stamp ink, and cardstock. But it still came out very nice!

I will not be featuring these in my shop any time soon. Sorry. But if you’d like one custom made, maybe we can work something out!

Now Im off to finish the topstitch for the unpaper towels and sew up the nursing pads.

Work in Progress | Memory Book & Quilt

Just before I had Oliver a friend of mine inquired about getting a memory book made. I told her I could make her one inspired by one she found on Etsy.

Then I had the baby.

So its been two months now and this is the slowest Ive ever gotten a product out to one of my customers. Im so embarrassed. This is not how I run my Etsy business! But the anticipation of the baby paled in comparison to what life was actually like the first few weeks with baby and recovering from a cesarean.

Plus, our printer is broken.

But the past week Ive managed to get the ball rolling and complete the pages for the memory book. Now theyre off for print. While I wait, Im putting the book together.


I need to glue the fabric down and trim where the center rings are. Then place the teal cardstock accent on the front and back flaps to hide the fabric edge.


L is for Lola. That will be centered on the front of the book over a slightly larger teal cardstock for depth.


Its almost finished! I absolutely cannot wait to get it done.

Also, the quilt Ive been working on – more like powering through – is almost done as well! I quilted it yesterday and pinned the binding on. Im short on binding because I thought I had some more red double fold at home, but its single fold instead 😦 So Ill head to the craft store next week to pick up more then Ill finish it up.

I cant believe I went through the quilt so fast! It doesnt need to be ready until the end of August. Haha.


Today I plan on finishing some nursing pads, wee wee huts, a wipeable play mat for Oliver and a few more burp cloths.

Busy busy!

A Bag in Five Minutes

Bry will be leaving in a day and half for the whole summer to her dads in.. Georgia! I am super bummed.

We just spent a good half hour going through her clothes to pack and just before I zipped up her big bag she shouts ‘Wait! My silly bands! Ohhhh, they won’t fit’. I’m thinking they will until she pulls out this huge glass container full of silly bands. My first thought is we cannot put glass in a bag that will be checked by haphazard twenty-somethings at an airport and my second thought is.. make a bag!

I had just a long, skinny strip of blue chevron left from the, what seems like, gazillion projects I’ve stretched the fabric through and it was the perfect size to fit her silly bands and then some. The best thing is I finished it in 5 minutes!

Just a simple top zippered bag

Silly bands!

Sadly, there is no more blue chevron in the house. But I’m able to look around my home and see it in bits and pieces.