‘Lap Cover’ – Custom

A good friend of mine is a tattoo artist (he did most of my right sleeve and a couple others). A while back we were talking about my sewing and creations. He made a few suggestions of things I could make for the tattoo world. One of those suggestions was a wipeable cloth to lie over his lap so the ink wont drip on his clothes.

Since his birthday just passed I thought it would be a great present for him and something he could test out for me. I headed over to his place to babysit the kids with this in tow…


This is the back – the underneath part that will lie on his lapside. How fabulous is this fabric? Totally fitting for his line of work.


I used a double layer of rip stop nylon just in case. Im unsure of the ink composition so I wanted to make sure it wouldnt leak through. This is the side that will be facing out in case the ink drips. Rip stop nylon is great because its wipeable and washable.

Im hoping it works out first go around, but told him to give me any constructive criticism so I can perfect it and make it work for him.

You should check him and his shop out!

Gary Ellsworth – Sawdust – Sink or Swim Tattoo