Movember Giveaway Winner{s}!


Congratulations to Heidi and Shannon! You both won the giveaway! I will be contacting you shortly via email to send out your necklaces.

Thank you for everyone who donated for a good cause and for your support!

Happy Movember


BraggAbout and Halloween Winners!

I am so happy to announce the winners for the giveaways on the blog this past month.

First up is the winner for the BraggAbout Awareness by BraggAbout Creations giveaway of ‘The Breast Hat Ever’. Seriously, this thing is so cute!

Congratulations to Leah!

You will be contacted shortly for more information. 

Next up is the Halloween Giveaway I had.

A Halloween surprise goodie bag!

Congratulations to Cora!

You will be contacted soon for more information.

And thank you to everyone who entered the giveaways! Mariah over at BraggAbout Creations greatly appreciates the support as do I!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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National Sewing Month Recap & Giveaway Winner Announcement

September was National Sewing Month and there was a lot of fun and informational things going on here on The Little Willow Tree. Missed what we were up to? Well here is a little recap for yah!

I vowed to sew {at least} one project a day for the entire month of September! 

And for the last two days

Wow! I am pretty proud of myself to sew 30 items in one month. And I really did sew one project each day.. even when we went out of town for three days to my brothers wedding! Thanks to my bestie.

Speaking of bestie, we stayed at her house while out of town and I taught her how to make a tote bag! I made her one, then she showed me all she learned by making me one. Take a looksie!

She did such a good job! A lot of her downfalls were not knowing the lingo. Good thing I was there and good thing for my post on Sewing Vocab and Their Meanings!

Once you got the lingo down you could find some great tutorials from a list I put together and links to some great blogs for inspiration. And if you still needed help with some sewing, I gave you a calendar of classes at Beverlys Fabrics.

As if that wasn’t enough, I celebrated National Sewing Month by sharing a couple of tips and ideas for you all to eat up.

I also left the house not once, not twice, but five times with out nursing pads! On one occasion, I gave you all a quick fix to something that could be pretty embarrassing.

A lot of awesome things happened this month, too. I added lots of new items to my Etsy shops, changed the design of a few of my items, and landed shelf space in two local stores! I am so very happy! That puts me in three local shops so far.

Aside from all of that fun and neat things going on I also hosted a Sew Swap! I had a huge turnout and am so excited to get everyone linked up so we can all share and see each one’s creation and experience. This is my first ever swap as a host and participant! Look for the post and linky party on the Sew Swap in a week.

One last awesome thing was a giveaway I had all month long. If you commented on any post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ you were entered to win and vintage grab bag put together by me!

I have gathered up all of the commenters {only one comment was counted per person for the giveaway} and a winner was chosen at random.

Congratulations Sarah Pinault! 

An email will be sent soon for a mailing address. 

Thank you all for your participation and support! I am truly blessed to have such a huge bloggie support and cherish each and every one of you! Please share your adventures below for National Sewing Month and if you’re on Twitter and/or Instagram be sure to use hashtag #nationalsewingmonth so I can see what you were all up to!

Can’t wait to plan for next year!

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