Kindle Fire Sleeve | Tutorial

Last Christmas I got a Kindle Fire from my honey. I was so excited I got on Amazon, set up my account, and in about one hour spent the $50 credit I had from my boss for Christmas. In the mass of what I had purchased I got myself a nifty little cover for it in a really cool orange color. It was perfect and I loved it… for like a couple months. Then I wanted something that represented myself and I wanted to make it myself.

But then I had baby and got busy sewing and opening my Etsy shop Oliver’s Treasure Chest and I forgot.

I was looking in my ‘future projects’ binder when I came across the scribble – Kindle Fire Sleeve – and since I was bored and had some free time, I made one!

After I posted it, I got 4 custom orders! Plus an iPad sleeve order. I had no idea sleeves would be this popular. So I thought I would share with you how to make one for yourself!


-fabric {i used melody miller – duh}

-fleece {i used organic bamboo fleece}




Cut your fabric and fleece into 9×12″ pieces. Make sure that if your fabric is directional that you cut the length {12″} with the pattern.

Cut your elastic 4″.

Put fabric and fleece right sides together.

Fold the elastic into a loop and tape {or pin} in between the fabrics 3″ in from the end of your layered fabrics {doesn’t matter which end} along the top.

Pin and straight stitch across the top.

Unfold your fabric

Then fold in half so it measure 6×18″

Pin around the three raw edges, making sure to leave about a 3″ opening on the fleece side to pull your fabric through. I put the pins where the opening is in a different direction so I knew where to start and stop.

Sew around leaving that opening.

Trim edges and pull fabric through.

Fold edges in at opening about 1/4″ and stitch closed.

Tuck fleece into fabric to make the sleeve.

Top stitch around the top about 1/2″ for a more finished look.

Slip Kindle inside and fold elastic over to measure where the button will go. Take a marking pen or pencil and mark it.

Hand sew button on.

Slip Kindle in sleeve and enjoy!

People will be asking all over where you got your sleeve at, trust me!

If you have an iPad, adjust measurements accordingly. {The width should be double + seam allowance. Length would just be + seam allowance.}

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Sewn Projects | Week Three

This week I have sewn up some fun stuff!

1. Polka Dot Baby Legs for Olivers Treasure Chest

2. Economy Unpaper Towels for The Little Willow Tree {will be listed tomorrow}

3. A little typewriter cosmetic case for myself

4. A set of four 100% organic bamboo fleece and organic cotton burp cloths plus two Bamboo Fleece burp cloths. The set of four are now available in Bambu Batu! The other two I just donated to their nursing nook.

5. A felt owl plushie I made for a project on how to reuse your serger scraps

6. Little Letter Needle Book. Just about the cutest thing.

6. a. See, it totally looks like a letter!

6. b. Vintage foral print on the inside with felt to hold the needles

7. A set of nursing pads for Olivers Treasure Chest

What have you been sewing this past week? {Sew Swap items maybe?!?!}

*Reminder! We are having a giveaway for the month of September to celebrate National Sewing Month! Anyone who comments in a post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ will be entered to win! Please see our Giveaway section at the top of the blog for more information on the giveaway. Comment away!*

Envelope Pillow Covers

When I worked at Birch Fabrics we had a fabric allowance so when Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shinning came out, I got a quarter yard in each fabric over the span of a few weeks so I could have just about every print! Sadly I am not working there anymore {I’ve decided to be a stay-at-home mommy!} and needed to get my favorites from that collection elsewhere.


Absolutely love, love, love this one. And I specifically purchased it to make some pillow cases for our ugly couch pillows. We have two larger ones and a smaller one so I used the typewriters for the larger and the coordinating vintage flowers for the smaller one.

I really love her stuff!

And I love making these envelope pillow covers. They’re very easy to make and can transform and boring ol’ pillow into something fabulous!


Very happy to have these beauties next to me while I type this.

To view the tutorial on how to make these envelope pillow covers, go here.

I also was able to work a bit more on an Etsy order for unpaper towels. I got the top stitching done and am now just waiting for the snaps to get here! Cannot wait to add these to my shop.

Remember the unpaper towels I made for our kitchen? They were made from scraps from this order! Unpaper towels… such a rad concept!

Home Projects

Today while Richard was out on a photoshoot I finished a couple of home projects thats been on my mind lately.

I have some yardage of Melody Millers Typewriters and thought itd be the perfect fabric to make panels out of for my sewing table. I have a few things I store under it and I cant stand the sight of clutter – now I dont have to worry!


My pink bin of zippers kinda makes it look like its still cluttered, but I assure you I put it away after the photo was taken 🙂

Another project for the house were some unpaper towels made from the scraps of an order of unpaper towels from my Etsy shop. These were made out of Michael Millers French Roast and Put a Lid On It and white birdseye {for absorbancy}.


These will be available in my Etsy shop soon. The ones I made today are a sort of mini version {since they were made from scraps} and do not have the snaps feature. Ill keep you updated on the availability.

Now onto recovering pillows with more typewriter fabric and finish up the baby memory book. I just got a call that print was ready for my pages so Ill be picking those up and getting the teal cardstock. I cannot wait to get this off to my customer {Im so sorry!!!}.

Coffee Pots & Market Totes

Yesterday we had some friends over and Kacey is all about babies so I was able to pass Oliver off to her. That gave me a chance to sit down at my machine and put together a market tote for someone.

I used Melody Miller Coffee Pots Fushcia

With Oliver in her arms I was able to get it done in 15 minutes

Cant wait to get this off in the mail!

Handmade By Me, For Me

In two weeks {two weeks!} I will be delivering our son Oliver. Since the time is getting near I decided it was time to start packing the bag for the hospital.

Only I don’t have a bag I like well enough to bring to the hospital. So I made one.

What better fabric to choose but Melody Miller from the Ruby Star Shining collection? I went with the Typewriters in neutral and Cameo in red as the accent. Plus, I threw in a little splash of coordinating wool felt.

Love those colors!

Cameo accent appliqued on front and with it boxed, wraps around the sides and bottom. See that little splash of felt up in the top right corner? Cute, right?

I forgot to take a photo, but on the inside there is a large pocket in more of the cameo to help keep things organized inside.

And you can’t make a hospital bag with out making a coordinating toiletry bag to go wit it…

I really love the cameo fabric!

Who can blame me?

Now I have one of the most stylish hospital bags ever.

Oh and I also got half of an Etsy order completed tonight

Custom labels for one of my customers!

A Photo Blog

I’ve decided it would be best to keep my personal photo project separate from this blog and my personal blog. Please follow my photo posts at somebeautifulphoto.

While you’re at it, and if you want, you can take a look at my more personal posts on my personal BLOG.

But here is a photo I would like to share with you, not in part from my photo a day project.

A few custom drawstring bags and a custom mustache zippered artist brush bag. Really excited about these and cannot wait to hand deliver these creations!

New Product in my Shop

As I’ve been talking about, I have new product and was able to list them just now.

Head over to my Etsy shop to purchase….

I’m offering 10% off all purchases made in January! The code is in my shop announcements section in my shop.

Thank you honey for taking the photos for me. I’m so fortunate I have a professional photographer for a boyfriend!

Richard Fusillo Photography

Thank you to all who support me, my shop, and handmade!

Pencil Pouch by Bry

This morning while I was getting ready to head into town, Bry asked if she could sew something. OF COURSE!

After I hear the machine stop, she comes into my room and shows me a rad, cute little pencil pouch she made for her friend Evy.

Tomorrow morning we are gonna take some time out to sew. She says she wants to make some of these for her Etsy shop cause ‘they’d be perfect for everyone’. What a determined little entrepreneur she is.

Sneak Peak

In my earlier post I mentioned working on some new product for my shop. Tonight I drilled out three new bags!

Those ones are made with Melody Millers Ruby Star Shining Spring Flowers Spring, Dusk, and the Coffee Pots Fuchsia. Can not wait to list these!

I had a bit of help from my little zombie friend tonight….

She fits perfectly on my bobbin winder.

Also, while I was getting cuts made for more soon-to-be product, I decided to take advantage of Ana Maria Horner’s Needlework and slip it into needlepoint frames I picked up while thrifting.

Some day I’ll get around to actually starting up needlepoint.