Work in Progress | Memory Book & Quilt

Just before I had Oliver a friend of mine inquired about getting a memory book made. I told her I could make her one inspired by one she found on Etsy.

Then I had the baby.

So its been two months now and this is the slowest Ive ever gotten a product out to one of my customers. Im so embarrassed. This is not how I run my Etsy business! But the anticipation of the baby paled in comparison to what life was actually like the first few weeks with baby and recovering from a cesarean.

Plus, our printer is broken.

But the past week Ive managed to get the ball rolling and complete the pages for the memory book. Now theyre off for print. While I wait, Im putting the book together.


I need to glue the fabric down and trim where the center rings are. Then place the teal cardstock accent on the front and back flaps to hide the fabric edge.


L is for Lola. That will be centered on the front of the book over a slightly larger teal cardstock for depth.


Its almost finished! I absolutely cannot wait to get it done.

Also, the quilt Ive been working on – more like powering through – is almost done as well! I quilted it yesterday and pinned the binding on. Im short on binding because I thought I had some more red double fold at home, but its single fold instead 😦 So Ill head to the craft store next week to pick up more then Ill finish it up.

I cant believe I went through the quilt so fast! It doesnt need to be ready until the end of August. Haha.


Today I plan on finishing some nursing pads, wee wee huts, a wipeable play mat for Oliver and a few more burp cloths.

Busy busy!