My First Quilt in 13 Years

A certain little someone {who’s name shall not be said or they’ll know!} is having a birthday soon and I wanted to make a quilt for her.

The last quilt {and only other quilt} I made was back in Home Ec class in 8th grade so I went into this project with low expectations and a lot of patience. I finished it in three stages – Piecing the entire front together and adding the backing, sewing on most of the binding {I ran out}, then finishing the rest of the binding. Though the project took about two weeks to finish, total I only spent 4 hours on it. Its not my best work ever, but I am sure it will be appreciated!

Not bad, eh?


I’m also currently working on a toss and keep garter for a bride who’s wedding is in October.

Will be working on one more rolled fabric flower and adding embellishments to it tonight. So gorgeous!