National Button Day


Today is National Button Day, so I got out my Busy with Buttons book, hit up Pinterest, and found come cool crafts and a sewn project to adorn with buttons.

Button Balloon Birthday card for Bry {her birthday is Tuesday!}

Button bracelet that Bry ended up confenscating


















A small little pin cushion for Bry to use in her new tent

The new addition to my sewing space! Which just so happens to be my favorite button craft today. I am definitely making more of these!

Did you celebrate National Button Day? Share your posts below!

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Pinspiration Friday

Good afternoon! It’s Friday {yay!} and all week long I have scoured Pinterest {ok, obsessed over} for more Pinspiration. Let me tell you; there are lots out there. Im finding it hard to not pin everything I see to the Pinspiration Friday board, but not everything can go in there.

Pinspiration Friday

A long while back I came across a blog that had this darling little a-frame tent and a how-to on how to get it done. Being the lazy pinner I am, I forgot to pin it and it was lost forever. Until I dusted off my Kindle and saw that I actually had bookmarked it! So I finally pinned that sucker to my Pinspiration Board, gathered the materials, made a few for the inside, and put it all together.

It sure came out lovely!

Here is the inspiration post for the tent

Now that is lovely. I love how she used the crocheted cover! But in order to be frugal I just couldn’t find anything similar at the thrift store that I liked for my vision. But I did find a pretty vintage floral sheet with ruffles, which gives it a cute little shabby chic look and coordinates well with the quilt I have for the inside.

What’s inside:

Quilt from my dad

Three handmade pillows by me {one of them is upcycled from a Urban Outfitters bag!}

A green lattice picnic basket


Two crocheted doilies for coasters

Upcycled vintage floral cloth shower curtain turned throw

A plastic bottle lantern that Bry made for light while reading at night

She brought her guitar in there to play

Bry is pretty much in love with it!

So much so that she invited little brother inside

I think he loves it too!

Now if this silly rain would go away {at least just for a day} so we can put it back out side and Bry can hang out in it then it would be perfect. But in the garage it must stay. Thank goodness I made oversized pillows for her to relax on.

Have a lovely Pinspiration you would like to share? Link up below!

{Richard was a big help with this and took the photos! Check him out at Richard Fusillo Photography}

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Share Your Style Swap

Thanks to the lovely world of Instagram, I was able to stumble across an awesome swap called ‘Share Your Style’.

Share Your Style

The premise is to make handmade hair pretties and swap with your partner. I was paired up with Andrea McCave at Shabby Kitteh! She’s an awesome wife and mom of three with incredible, sassy style. Which got me excited because I was sure to get nothing less than amazing.

And that I did! I love, love, love what she sent me. Totally my style and in my fave colors! Even the card was fab. I hope she likes what I sent her. {Forgot to take pics of those – ooops!}

Thank you Maria & Nichelle for putting on an awesome swap! I made a good bloggie friend and now have three great blogs to follow.


Happy Swapping!

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Custom Order | Chevron Wet Bag

I was contacted by a friend of mine to make her a hanging wet bag for her son’s nursery. She wanted a zippered bottom and elastic top in a grey and light yellow pallet to coordinate with the nursery. She chose an awesome tone on tone Chevron print with a light yellow zipper which makes this wet bags one of the cutest I’ve done so far.

I love the zippered bottom; makes it easier to just unzip all the dipes right into the wash. The elastic band keeps the dipes in place while not completely sealing the bag off so you’re not creating ammonia and bacterial growth. It is fully lined with PUL to prevent leakage, but still allow for air flow.

I get to hand this off to her tomorrow and I am so excited about it. I hope she likes it!

If you would like a custom wet bag, please contact me on Etsy!

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A little while back I made bow ties for my friends wedding; one for the groom, groomsmen, and ring bearers in such pretty colors! {The wedding was gorgeous!!}

Cant see much of the bow tie in that photo, but isn’t he just darling!

By the way, I just have to say that the photographers were awesome that day! Check out Chris Seid Photography.

Need a bow tie or three for a special event? birthday, prom, or just for fun? Head over to Oliver’s Treasure Chest to see what we have or contact me for a custom order!

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What’s In My…

Another great link up with the Mustache Mama!

It’s always fun to take a peek in a woman’s purse to see what pretty things {or scary?} are hiding in there. Some people feel like a woman’s purse is taboo.. especially men. Well, that may be so, but in my purse you’ll find it pretty boring.

I love this bag because it has a nice handle to sling over the shoulder when I don’t have baby and straps for me to carry as a backpack when I’m with baby. I’ve also never really owned a really girly {as in color} purse before so this has been my purse for a long while.

Now, to see what this mama has inside..

1. wallet. it’s old, but i love it! its been in my purses for about 5 years now!

2. handmade cosmetic case {my fave creation} that holds all of my small pretties in. so that in the case that a guy just so happens to peek inside they wont see my pads, tampons, lip stick, and PMS meds!

3. olivers teething ring. this changes from day to day depending on how long we will be out of the house and what toy is readily available for me to grab on the way out the door.

4. cleaning wipes. im a freak about germies so these help when im out and about in public facilities. they’re great for shopping carts too!

5. dollar tree boho sunglasses. no joke. bry and i found the cutest wannabe ray bans there so i just had to snatch these up.

6. disposies! we cloth diaper, but since i use this as a mini quick trip diaper bag, i usually throw in a disposable dipe or two and carry wipies with me just in case.

7. handmade felt tissue clutch. credit for design goes to my bestie jaime!

8. baby’s nail clippers

9. diy washi tape notebook to jot down ideas, supplies, to do’s and more. a must have when my brain is, how did you say Heidi? a placenta brain. or others may call it baby brain. with out it, i wouldn’t be able to get anything done!

Definitely not as interesting as most would think. I might have to do a What’s In My… cosmetic case side post so you guys can see the nitty gritty! Ha.

Oh and I too had a secret receipt stash, but it was a complete disaster and I think Heidi’s receipt monster came over and gobbled up all of them for me.

So, what’s in your purse? Link up over at the Mustache Mama!

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New Items | Etsy

Listed some new items in JoviLane tonight.. some of my favorites!

Andddd a little bit of me behind the scenes..

I also am going to be listing three new sets in Olivers Treasure Chest

A really awesome nautical themed set including an anchor burp cloth, boat wheel wee wee hut, and striped paci clip with navy blue button

A darling little set for girls including a fawn burp cloth, striped paci clip with organza elastic detail and a brown felt hair bow {not pictured}

A set of three nautical themed wee wee huts

Im also working on  baby shower sets!

Head on over to the shops and see what else I have for you!

Spa Mask Night

It’s been pretty hectic around here with the start of school, PTA business, Etsy, and sewing and more I haven’t really had much one on one time with Bry, let alone my own self. So tonight Bry and I headed to the store and picked us up some cucumber masks and had ourselves a good ol girlie time.

Cucumber masks, face wash, nail stuff, and wash cloths were all we needed

Pre face masks

Bahaha, yeah. Can we say scary movie status or what!? But oh it felt so good!

We relaxed in her room on her new updated cushions and did our nails. At one point I needed to nurse Oliver, but he was so distracted by what we had going on with our faces that he just kinda hung upside downish on my lap and giggled at us.

Post masks – ahhh, refreshed!

Yeah, we are silly together and I love her.

The awesome nail stuff {by Sally Hansen} that we got. It was only $2.99 at Grocery Outlet, what!??! So I bought a plaid and a lil birdie one and did my pointers with the birdies.

It was really nice to just hang out with the girl and talk about her school life, friends, family, fun. I love her.

Refashioned | Hi Lo Ombre Dress & Two Jeans

Oh the challenges of parenting – growing children. Which results in clothes you just barely bought that don’t fit anymore! And when you have a weed for a daughter, that problem persists more often than I’d like. But, because I have awesome tailoring skills {hahaha}, I am able to stretch the life of Bry’s clothes just a wee bit longer.

She has a hi lo ombre maxi dress that we got last year for her that she practically lived in. It was just a tad on the shorter side than most maxi dresses {my daughter is almost 5 feet tall!}. Because of her height, things her size length-wise are usually a bit on the shorter side. But after coming back from her dads this past summer a whole inch and a half taller, that perfect length turned into a super awkward length that just looked a little silly. She also had two pairs of jeans that she loved, but one was on the short side and the other were ‘too skinny’ of skinny jeans.

So I took my mad tailoring skills and {simply} cut the jeans into shorts to her desired and school required length. Then she folded them up once to make them look ‘cool’.

I am definitely utilizing the leftover polkadot cuts from this pair!

Then I took some more awesome tailoring skills and actually looked up a tutorial on how to properly ‘tailor’ a hi lo dress. I found one here and did just as described, then altered it a bit to get a more rounded front and back. Then I serged the edges to keep the knit from rolling.

It came out perfect and still appropriate for school. Plus, she loves it. And if your 10 year old tween loves a refashion, then you know you did something right.

I kinda had some fun refashioning {if you even want to call it that} these items. Hmmm, I wonder what other things in her drawers I can tackle next..

New Etsy Items

Tonight I was able to take some time and photo my new baby headbands and even get them up on Etsy.

I’m not as great a photographer as my hunny Richard {ok, I’m far from it!}, but the photos will do and I am excited to have a new addition to my growing Etsy shop.

Here are the little cuties

Will take custom orders on these as well!