Happy Birthday Little Willow Tree!

My birthday is tomorrow. Big ol’ 28. Yup, I said it. My age. I’m not ashamed! But it’s not my  birthday we are celebrating here today, its The Little Willow Tree’s!!

One year ago today I sat down and wrote out the first post that would become what Little Willow Tree is today. And I am so proud of my little blog.

It’s neat to see the changes over the past year and how much I have grown. From the photos…



{Ok, so I could still use some improvement}

To page views over the year…

Wow! Pretty amazing if you ask me. 

{Thank you readers!!!}

I also noticed that I have done a lot more crafting and diy’s than sewing, which is essentially what the blog was all about when I first started. But it has grown into so much more than just my sewing adventures. My ‘diy’ tags are quickly catching up with my handmade tags…

Not to mention making my posts more legit by adding a signature, then changing it to something a little more me

So; when are we going to get the party started??

Right now!!

To celebrate the blog’s birthday, and mine as well, I want to give my readers a present. It’s to show you how much I appreciate you and what you have done for me and The Little Willow Tree. Cause let’s face it; I could blog and blog and blog all I want, but it wouldn’t be what it is today {and what it will be tomorrow} with out you! 

And because it’s a present, it’s a surprise… so no revealing what the present is here, nope. You’ll have to wait till it comes in the mail!

All you have to do is leave a comment wishing Little Willow Tree a Happy Birthday! The first 10 commenters will receive a present from me! I’m celebrating all week long!

Thank you for all of your support over the year and for helping me make this blog into something bigger than I had envisioned a year ago!

Happy Birthday Little Willow Tree! 

*Sunday I will email the first 10 people to comment to get your contact information*

P.S. A very big announcement is going to be made on December 1st so keep an eye peeled. You wont wanna miss it!!!

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Last Chance Giveaways!

Today is your last day to enter some awesome giveaways!

I’m hosting a great giveaway for Mariah at BraggAbout Creations. Its her ‘Breast Hat Ever’ to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Breast Hat Ever

Giveaway ends today at 11:59 p.m. PST

And one more…

A Halloween Surprise Goodie Bag! 

Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. PST

Be sure to enter! These are great prizes!


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Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

Happy Thursday! It’s that time to have a coffee date with Heidi @ Mustache Mama. I’m also co-hosting with her this week so be sure to link up and share what you are thankful for!

I’ve got my coffee and am nuzzling up with baby and thinking about all the things I am thankful for.


This past weekend we headed down to the San Diego area to have a bunch of fun at Legoland! It was awesome and fun and cute. Bry had a really good time, we got super soaked on a ride together, baby and I bounced and danced and laughed while Bry and Richard had their fun together, and we all got to relax on a cute little boat ride through Fairy Tale Land. I loved being able to make memories with my cute little family. And am thankful we had the opportunity to do so.

The next day Richard had a wedding to shoot in Temecula, so right after the 11 hour day at Legoland, the kids and I met up with my mom and headed 40 minutes south to her house for the next two days. And that is where I am also thankful. I love that I am able to have my kids visit with their nana. Especially when we live so far away.

There have been some unfortunate things that have happened to us recently and I have been incredibly stressed over handling them with no one I can really talk to about it. I have my besties, but Im sure they get bored with the same thing over and over so visiting my mom this past weekend sort of saved some of my stress from over taking me. I was able to chat with her and get a lot off my chest and in turn get a lot of great advice. And because no one knows you better than your mother, the advice definitely fits.

What are you thankful for?

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The Holiday Stitch Market

This past April I had to duck out of The Spring Market since I delivered Oliver one week prior to the event. I was super bummed about it, but I decided it was for the best and I didn’t want to spend two days nursing a newborn constantly, while changing a gazillion poopy diapers and recovering from a cesarean. Plus, inventory-wise, I wasn’t ready.

But I have been slowly working toward the Holiday Stitch Market and I am happy to announce that I will be a vendor for the market this time around. I’ve done quite a few booths for Art After Dark as well as being in a few credited art shows, but never have I took on a Market like this.

My booth is under Oliver’s Treasure Chest, so I will have all my handmade lovelies for baby and mama, but in addition to that I will be offering goodies from The Little Willow Tree as well. And I am so excited to start planning my booth now.

So please, if you’re local, come out and support local and handmade! There are so many amazing vendors at this market I am truly honored to be a part of it.

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SAH Cloth Diapering Mama Giveaway!

As some of you know, cloth diapering has been a huge staple in our home for the past few months. I jumped on the bandwagon after I had Oliver, but researched the heck out of what cloth diapering was all about right after he was born and finally took the plunge. Now I cloth diaper full time at home and when out.

One of the things that goes hand in hand with cloth diapering is using cloth wipes. Lets just face it; there is nothing better than wiping baby’s booty with soft flannel wipes! I was so inspired that I started to make my own set. Then I just made it another treasure to put on Etsy.

When I was researching cloth diapering, I came across the blog SAH Cloth Diapering Mama it was full of information on cloth diapers so I started to follow. Whats so great about this blog is that the owner is just like me – a WAHM just trying to figure it all out. And though I don’t blog as often as I would like about my cloth diapering journey {believe it or not, we haven’t really had any issues!}, she and I are pretty passionate about saving money, saving our earth, and saving our baby’s bums one cloth diaper at a time. So when I saw that she was looking for people to host a giveaway for I poked my head up and said ‘me, me!’. I am giving away a set of {12} amazingly soft and splendidly cute organic cloth wipes!

Check out her post for entry details, rules, and more information!

Oliver’s Treasure Chest Cloth Wipes Giveaway!

Be sure to swing by her blog and give her a follow! You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook

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You’ve Been Mugged | A Mug Swap!

*Sign Ups are now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who signed up!*

Who doesn’t love sitting down and enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea? And what a better season to enjoy all those yummy flavors? {Pumpkin Spice Latté anyone?}


You’ve Been Mugged! A mug swap to help prepare you for all those yummy flavors and make some lovely friends at the same time! Get warm and cozy in front of the fire and meet…

Heidi from Mustache Mama


ME, Ashley Marie.!

When Heidi asked if I’d co-host a mug swap with her I jumped all over that! I had sew much fun with the Sew Swap and have participated in a bunch of other swaps after that; I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Plus I’ve been {secretly} wanting one of those herringbone mugs from Target that I never got a chance to get my hands on… {hint hint}. I also need a new mug to pour all these awesome fall flavors in to.

What to do and dates to remember:

-Email one of your hosts that you want to sign up! {We will then send you a few questions to answer}

-Sign ups close October 24th

-You will receive your partner information on October 31st

-Shop for your partner and mail off their mug by November 12th

-Come back to either mine or Heidi’s blog to link up on December 5th

Don’t have a blog? Post your mugs on Instagram using #youvebeenmugged and tag us @mustache_mama and @littlewillowtree

Tons of fun, right?

Hurry and sign up now! We can’t wait to mug you!

*Open to US residents only*


Heidi: themustachemama {at} gmail {dot} com


Ashley Marie.: willow.little {at} gmail {dot} com

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Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

Time to myself. That’s what I am thankful for this week. With two kids {one always on the boob} and being a PTA mom, not to mention a photographer honey who has his own hours {so we are together a lot}, it’s kinda hard to have my own time to myself – uninterrupted.

{Most} mornings I am able to slip baby off into his morning nap while daddy still sleeps and big sister is already off to school so I go out to the living room, start a pot of coffee, sit in front of the fireplace and meditate. I sit in silence and stillness for about 30-45 minutes. If baby hasn’t woken up yet, which most of the time he hasn’t {Im so lucky}, I sew up a couple of projects or blog or brainstorm. All while sipping my coffee and eating my breakfast.

Then baby wakes up and its back to nursing, burping, rocking, playing, driving to Brys school for some PTA thing, picking things up, grocery shopping, getting big sister from school, homework with big sister, dinner, sewing… all while baby is attached to me {most of the time on the boob! this kids loves to eat!}. So I really am so thankful that I get my time in the morning. Just to myself. For me.

And I am so thankful that Richard likes to sleep in.

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Oliver’s Treasure Chest’s First Baby Model

Today we headed over to a friend’s house who just had a beautiful baby girl about a month ago. I had asked if we could ‘borrow’ her baby for a photo shoot for my headbands in Oliver’s Treasure Chest and she happily agreed. All of my friends have had boys recently so I am glad she said yes or Oliver would have, once again, been subject to mommy staging him as a her for her little girly products.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots!

Isn’t she just perfect?

We also got some adorable photos of her in her Halloween costume for Richards Halloween Special!

Thank you to my friend for letting me borrow your precious baby girl and thank you Mabel for being the most perfect model ever!

These headbands are available! Can also do custom headbands, just let me know!

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Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

Need some coffee? Well go make some and join us for Thankful Thursdays with Mustache Mama! {Thank you for hosting mama!}

This week I am thankful for my best friends, Jaime and Cora.

I met Cora first day of Kindergarten. Ever since then, we have been friends. We hung out a lot {she lived down the street from me}, stayed over at each others house a lot, stuck by each other when kids at school got lame. I think we were together almost every day, even outside of school all through our elementary years. We had lost touch years back when I went off to private school and have just recently reconnected and to me, I consider her one of my best friends. She helps me a lot with sewing questions, we bounce tons of ideas off of each other, keep one another motivated, and can confide in the deepest of things with each other. And because we go way back there isn’t one thing we can’t talk about. I love knowing that I can honestly rely on her no matter what. I am so thankful she is {back} in my life. 24 years of friendship. Ewww, Im that old to have a friend for 24 years?

I met Jaime when I was {dating her brother} back in my Sophomore year of high school. They lived down the street with their mom. I honestly don’t think she liked me very much at first, lol. But eventually she warmed up to me and started carting me around in her little white two door hatchback, picking me up from work, taking me to get food, driving me to see her brother. She even helped me get a… wait for it… BEEPER so she could get a hold of me. Hahahahahaha. Oh man, the memories I have with her. I wouldn’t say we were great friends when her brother and I were together, but we sure hung out a lot. We lost touch after I broke her brother’s heart and it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that we reconnected. Once we did, we grew incredibly close. We talk almost every day about anything and everything. We share a lot of the same views in raising our children {though I would say Im more of a hippie than she is haha}, have a lot in common, and understand and know the value of a friendship. She has been there for me through thick and thin – and there has been a ton of both.

Both of these ladies know what its like to have a lot of ‘friends’ and be incredibly friendless. It seems like everyone is only friends with you when its convenient for them. That is one rule we definitely don’t live by.

Girls, I am so very thankful for you and the unique friendship I have with you both. ❤

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Pin Cushion Storage Mason Jar

For the Sewing Party I hosted I made these as little goodies for my guests – they loved them! I even made one for myself.

I was able to utilize some of my grandma’s fabric scraps for this project!

I had one extra so I thought I would use it for a giveaway. If you would like to win this, head over to my Facebook page, like it, and you’re entered. Once I reach 200 likes I will choose a winner at random and announce it on Facebook! Share my page with your friends, family, anyone you know to help me get there. Thank you for your support!

*This is a Facebook exclusive giveaway only. Commenting on this post will not enter you in the giveaway. You must ‘like’ my Facebook page.

Look for a tutorial on how to make these soon!