Nursing Pad Tutorial *Update*

**I have since updated the design of the nursing pad and will correct {in bold and or/with asterisks*} what has changed. The reason for my design change is that they are now being sold in stores!!!***

Disposable nursing pads are convenient, but cost a ton of money! Even the cheapest ones are $6.00/box and if you spread that over a year you’re paying $72! You can save yourself money by making you’re own and being eco-friendly at the same time! Plus they’re really easy to make.

Here I will show you how to make a pair of nursing pads

Here’s what you’ll need:

-a piece of scrap fabric that is 100% cotton, I prefer organic – this is the part that will touch your breast

-a piece of 100% cotton batting, I prefer organic{has to be cotton to be breathable} – for absorbency

*a piece of fleece, I prefer organic – to ‘wick’ the milk from leaking through

*the fleece I got is fuzzy on one side and woven on the other. some fleece is fuzzy on both sides


-pinking chears {not pictured}

-marking pencil

-a round plate or bowl that is 5-6″ in diameter 

Take your plate or round object and trace around on the wrong side of the fabric, batting and fleece with your marking pencil

Cut out the circles

You should end up with two cotton fabric circles, two cotton batting cirlces and two fleece circles {one for each pad}

Take your circles and fold them in half, right sides together

Sew a straight stitch at a slight angle along the straight edge of the half circle to the top, starting about an inch down

Repeat with all of your circles, folding each in half

Trim off the excess fabric

Unfold them and stack them together like so

Fleece fabric, fuzzy side up, cotton batting, cotton fabric right side facing up

Sew a zig zag stitch around from the raw edge of the fabric, or if youre lucky enough to have a serger, serge the edges

Take your pinking shears and cut off the excess fabric

Repeat for the other pair

Tah dah; you’re very own pair of nursing pads. These are totally wash/dryable and pinking the edge {or serging the edge} will prevent fraying in the wash.

You can make more with just little scraps of fabric and have enough for a whole week or even two!

These will be featured in my Etsy shop at the end of summer so watch for them!


Sassy Lemonade | Blog Feature

Eeep! {Yes, I just ‘eeped’!}

I am pretty excited and honored to be featured on another blog; Sassy Lemonade.

The lovely lady behind the blog is Shannon. She makes some of the coolest jewelry around and takes awesome photos on Instagram {@sassylemonade}.

I’ll be interviewing her in next month for a feature on my blog in October so stay tuned to learn more about Shannon.

In the meantime, head over to Sassy Lemonade and her Etsy shop! Her blog just turned 1 so be sure to enter her giveaway!

Thank you Shannon for the feature! ❤

Featured Sponsors Post & Giveaway

Thanks to Instagram I have found some great blogs to follow and Etsy shops to fave. One of those great blogs is Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. This darling gal bakes and makes some of the most delicious looking things ever, if I were her friend and lived next door I’d be at her kitchen window waiting for her to put the pie out to cool. Aside from that, she’s just as sweet as what she bakes!

Earlier in the month she hosted a button swap in which I participated in and following that is a featured sponsors post. I am really excited to be a part of this because it will give me the exposure I need to get my blog and Etsy shops out there in the world. Actually, I’m pretty honored. I’ve been gearing up for this over the past month, opening my new shop and adding tons of lovely creations for your little ones. Over the next week I’ll be adding more to The Little Willow Tree on Etsy as well.

So head over and visit Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe and drool over her amazing creations! And check out the featured sponsors post!

In celebration of this button swap/featured sponsors post I am having a giveaway! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me hinting at one. On July 31st I will announce the giveaway and it will run for the entire month of August! Without giving too much detail it will be a ‘pick your prize’ giveaway. Come back July 31st to find out what, where, when, why, and how!

On Instagram?

Follow me! @littlewillowtree

Appreciation Photo – Custom Labels

So excited! I received an appreciation photo from a customer of mine! A while back I made her some custom labels that she planned on putting on some handmade lovelies for her niece.

She made some adorable burp cloths and put her labels on them!

Aren’t those adorable?? Thank you Nicole for sending me the photo!

If you have purchased anything from me and wanna show me some love, you can email me photos at willow.little {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks!

A Bridal Shower Gift & Handmade Baby Leg Warmers

Yesterday I attended a lovely Bridal shower honoring one of my good friends Ashley {I love that we have the same name!}. She had the shower at one of the houses on a large and gorgeous property just outside of town – she will be getting married on said property in just a few weeks!

I love giving gifts, especially when they’re handmade and since Ashley can appreciate a handmade gift, that is exactly what she got!

One of the gifts I made was a matching ‘his’ & ‘hers’ zippered travel bag. I took those shoe bags that you get when you purchase a pair of Toms, cut two of them in half, added a zipper to each one and viola! Zippered travel cases for the bride and groom!

I am absolutely in love with these! If anyone has any of these Toms shoe bags lying around that they’re not going to use, I’d love to take them off your hands!

I also made the bride and groom a set of pillow slipcovers.

The two ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ covers are 12×12 and the ‘and’ is 10×10. She just texted me today and said that her Auntie is going to make pillows for them for her! I’m so glad she will because every craft store {like we have a lot around here… not} were out of those sizes!!

The letters, mustache, and flower I ironed on using Wonder Under and the cases are made out of muslin. I totally love these and am a little jealous of them, haha. Ashley, you better send me a photo of them set up in your guys’ new house after the honeymoon!

I like to go in Instagram and look through the tagged photos ‘handmade’. I’ve come across some really awesome things and have found some great blogs to follow in doing that. One person that I came across made the cutest cloth diapers so I started following her. She has the cutest photos of her baby on there! Anyway, she posted a series of photos on how to make baby leg warmers out of knee socks that looked amazing. I have tons of knee socks that I don’t wear, most I’ve never worn, so I grabbed a pair that were rejected by my daughter when I tried to shove them off on her and looked up the tutorial. Just about one of the easiest things that I have ever made.

Socks! Turned into..

Holy macaroni thats just about the cutest thing ever! Maybe I should have dressed him in some pink to match?

Yup, if I had a girl she would be wearing these all of the time. Even in 100 degree weather.. they would just be the only thing she would wear!

I have about 5 more pairs of knee socks so I plan on making more and listing them on Etsy once I get the baby shop up and running.

If you’d like to see the tutorial on these, check it out on Diaper Stash on Tumblr.

For a tutorial on how to make envelope pillow covers, click on my Tutorials section at the top of my blog.

Fourth of July

Ive become more and more festive since having been pregnant with and having Oliver. Christmas we started a tradition with an Advent Calender; Valentines, St Paddy’s Day, and Easter I decorated Bry jeans with appliques and this Fourth of July I didnt want to skimp.
Richard and I scrounged up what we had of red, white, and blue attire, but Oliver was covered. I wanted to add a bit of flair, however, to his plain ol’ white onesie. Since Ive been commissioned to make a bunch of bowties recently for weddings, I thought Id do the same for him.


Doesnt he look dapper and festive?

I want to feature these on Etsy, but I need to find an easier way to fasten them. Maybe with velcro? I dont know, but the snaps are kind of like hanging a shelf… measurement is key and thats a little too much for me. Plus, Im terrible at hand sewing!

And here is festive Bry all the way from her dads in GA enjoying Americas Birthday


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth!

Envelope Pillow Covers

When I worked at Birch Fabrics we had a fabric allowance so when Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shinning came out, I got a quarter yard in each fabric over the span of a few weeks so I could have just about every print! Sadly I am not working there anymore {I’ve decided to be a stay-at-home mommy!} and needed to get my favorites from that collection elsewhere.


Absolutely love, love, love this one. And I specifically purchased it to make some pillow cases for our ugly couch pillows. We have two larger ones and a smaller one so I used the typewriters for the larger and the coordinating vintage flowers for the smaller one.

I really love her stuff!

And I love making these envelope pillow covers. They’re very easy to make and can transform and boring ol’ pillow into something fabulous!


Very happy to have these beauties next to me while I type this.

To view the tutorial on how to make these envelope pillow covers, go here.

I also was able to work a bit more on an Etsy order for unpaper towels. I got the top stitching done and am now just waiting for the snaps to get here! Cannot wait to add these to my shop.

Remember the unpaper towels I made for our kitchen? They were made from scraps from this order! Unpaper towels… such a rad concept!

Home Projects

Today while Richard was out on a photoshoot I finished a couple of home projects thats been on my mind lately.

I have some yardage of Melody Millers Typewriters and thought itd be the perfect fabric to make panels out of for my sewing table. I have a few things I store under it and I cant stand the sight of clutter – now I dont have to worry!


My pink bin of zippers kinda makes it look like its still cluttered, but I assure you I put it away after the photo was taken 🙂

Another project for the house were some unpaper towels made from the scraps of an order of unpaper towels from my Etsy shop. These were made out of Michael Millers French Roast and Put a Lid On It and white birdseye {for absorbancy}.


These will be available in my Etsy shop soon. The ones I made today are a sort of mini version {since they were made from scraps} and do not have the snaps feature. Ill keep you updated on the availability.

Now onto recovering pillows with more typewriter fabric and finish up the baby memory book. I just got a call that print was ready for my pages so Ill be picking those up and getting the teal cardstock. I cannot wait to get this off to my customer {Im so sorry!!!}.

Sweet Little Giveaway

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