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How fun is that name? I ‘met’ Shannon of Sassy Lemonade on Instagram {gotta love the Insta!} after lurking her handmade jewelry for a while. I’m not a huge jewelry person, but her stuff was hard to resist! I love how unique each and every piece is and well put together too! After having conversations via email, I decided I would love to interview her for the blog! So I gathered up some questions and sent them her way..

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself outside of your blog and Etsy?

I am a WAHM of four, a military wife, and have a busy life; but I love it

When did you start Sassy Lemonade {Etsy}?

Sassy Lemonade opened August of 2011

Where do you get your inspirations from to create your unique and sassy jewlz?

I make pieces that I would wear and that I wish I had. I’m kind of obsessed with anything that Sparkles.

Do you do any other crafting other than jewelry making?

Right now I only know how to knit scarves hopefully soon will learn to knit something else. Tried sewing once and kind of flunked home ec when I turned in a Pajama bag that was tied with a shoe string. Funny tidbit my Mother taught Sewing Lessons, I didn’t get that gene.

What did you do before Sassy Lemonade?

Besides finding a Roller Derby League, I was a Personal Assistant and a SAHM since 2003.

You were into the Derby life – can you tell us a bit more about that and what your Derby Girl name is?

I Founded DC Rollergirls in 2006 and my Derby name is Miss Priss. I retired officially in 2009 when I found out I was pregnant with my son Derby. Roller Derby was my life for so many years, the thrill and excitement was worth the bruises and broken bones.

Describe yourself in three words:

Loyal, Outgoing, and Spontaneous

Where did the name ‘Sassy Lemonade’ from?

I wanted a name that would reflect me; I’m sort of sassy. Thats the reason why my Derby name is Miss Priss.

Do you do all the home cookin or does the hubbs take care of the meals?

I cook all the meals besides BBQing, I let my husband be in charge of that.

What’s your favorite dish to make {or eat}?

Italian Breaded Shrimp Skewers, they are easy to make and a hit at get-togethers.

You’re participating in the Sew Swap I am hosting {yay!}, but what has been your favorite type of swap you’ve participated and your favorite item received?

Did a Swap that was called My Favorite Things. For 3 months you send a package of items to your partner each month. It felt like Christmas every month.

Cake or pie?


Thank you, Shannon, for taking the time out for me for this interview! Those shrimp skewers sound yummy and Im envious of your Roller Derby days! You’re definitely one hardcore, fun, and sassy mama!

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And see my feature on her blog!

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